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1. Matchstic Branding Agency finished one of their projects, Beltline Bike Shop. My dear friend, Alana Dy, was the primary designer and she did one hell of a job! You go get em, Alana! I'm like a freaking mama bear.

2. Not only do I love the two toned nails by Love Aesthetic, but I'm loving the ring too. She got it from the hardware store! Um, genius, I tell you.

3. Jennifer Young looks so beautiful with her beau in these photos by Ben Blood. And that scarf is a knockout!

4. These sandals win.

Have a great weekend, friends! I'll be buying some leather, doing some code, and relaxing. Oh yeah, and get ready for next week - black and white week on the blog. woohoo.


  1. I love those sandals. And that Bike Shop logo is awesome! I love it. Congrats to your friend on a job well done.

    1. Too bad those summer sandals require the whole summer to save up for. :/

  2. loving all of this - that logo is perfection, and the ring from the hardware store?! totally my style!

  3. You are so sweet for including me in your roundup, Ciara. Thank you! Honored to be on your blog. :)