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Every week comes along a new set of albums that are streamed online, announced or released. This week NPR Music is streaming 3 great albums: Beach House's "Bloom", Best Coast's "The Only Place" and Exitmusic's "Passage".

I'm focusing on the least known of these three and one you really need to pay attention to. The band is Exitmusic and their debut album Passage is released on May 22nd on Secretly Canadian. The opening track off that is "Passage", an emotional tour de force. A track with a great build-up with a proper vocal release, the video perfectly matches the sheer audacity of this track. It's one of the most powerful tracks released yet this year, and the rest of the album matches the same ambition this track sets out.

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  1. Like it. Reminds me of Take My Breath Away from Top Gun back in the 80s.