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This weekend was a very nice, sometimes relaxing, sometimes entertaining and exciting weekend. I got a new iMac, (wahoo!) after spending too much time going to work early to use that or my lagging 5 year old macbook. It was time for something I could rely on - especially with design school on the horizon.

Later on Saturday I saw Beach House with Tim and our friend Emily in Athens, Georgia, at the Georgia Theatre. I love taking little trips out of town to see a show. It's funny, and it's exciting. Of course the best part was the post-show hotdog from the guy who sells them outside the venue. It's a must.

So let me explain this whole "Almost breaking leg" thing. I was standing on the toilet seat lid, slipped, and all my weight via my shin hit the edge of the clawfoot tub's edge. I'm not sure I've experienced pain like that. I was laying on the ground sobbing my eyes out for 15 minutes before I looked at my leg, half expecting the bone to be sticking out. No bone, and I'm assuming no break, because it's just sore now. One hell of a knot and bruise came up, but I was able to stand on it after a few minutes of icing it down. It sure is a ghastly sight, but I'm fine. Totally scary though.

Mother's day was sweet. My mother and grandmother live in Florida, so I skyped with them for a while in the morning. It was nice to see them and talk about things. ♥ The dinner later in the day was spent with Tim's family and his mom, who is also a doll. We went back to his parent's house after dinner and caught up on all our shows. I don't know if any of you watch Girls, but I loveeee it. Lena Dunham is a genius.

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, all you mamas out there!


  1. Sounds fun! We are pining away for an iMac and I hope we can get one soon! Glad you had a fun weekend :)


  2. Eek, your poor leg - sounds painful. I had a similar experience, nearly breaking my ankle this weekend! I'm so clumsy. Glad your leg didn't break! And I LOVE the pie chart weekend break down! I'm new to your blog, it's great!

  3. congrats on the new imac! it's about that time for me too, the ole macbook pro is going on three years now, and it's showing it's wear with the constant rainbow wheel and pathetic battery life - yikes! so sorry to hear about your leg...glad it wasn't any worse than a knot and bruise, although that still sounds painful! you poor thing.

  4. I'm new to your blog, so I can ask, do you always fit that much stuff into one weekend? My mother's day weekend pie would've shown a large helping of read book and sleep in hammock.

    Where to design school? MFA?


    1. Well Hi Judy, Welcome! Haha, yeah, my weekends are usually pretty packed. But a lot of this past weekend was entertainment.

      I'm not getting an MFA, just yet! I am actually just transferring to a new school/program from a state university.

  5. I looooove Girls. Glad to know I have another person to geek out about it if need be. I feel like I'm the only one that I know who's watching ;) This week was my favorite BY FAR. Shoshanna was fantastic!