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Anna Elder And Everything Nice Glass and Sable Home Closet ToolAnna Elder is the creator and author of the blog And Everything Nice, a lifestyle and design blog featuring all kinds of lovely things. From weddings, art and design to fitness inspiration and delicious recipes. Quite literally, everything nice. In college she studied graphic design and art history. Anna lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband and two dogs, but still dreams of her days in California, and has high hopes for moving to Denver, CO one of these days. Hopefully sooner rather than later. You can also find Anna participating in design challenges and selling designs on Minted.

Anna Elder And Everything Nice Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool garden flowers Oklahoma hydrangeas home

Home // The Garden
If someone had told the 21 year old Anna that she'd love gardening some day I would have laughed. Hard. And in their face. Every house my husband and I have lived in has ended up having a garden to love. I have to admit that my husband Matt cared a little bit more about gardening than I did, but it didn't take long for me to get into it. Since I'm not a licensed florist who can go to the flower market each week and pick out lovely blooms I decided I would just plant the flowers I wanted, and the ones that would grow here in Oklahoma. I've got hydrangeas, lilies, peonies, and dahlias right now. For me, a beautiful garden and fresh cut flowers says home.

Anna Elder And Everything Nice Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool pug Winston dog closet

Closet // Winston the Pug
This might be a weird "closet" item and I promise I do not keep my pug in the closet. He is not R. Kelly, I can promise you that (sorry, lame joke). But while I was weighing the emotions of my closet full of shoes and my drawer full of nail polishes I just kept thinking that I really can live without these things, but to live without the cuddles from my pug? It just can't be done. There's nothing I miss more when I'm on vacation than lounging with my cuddle pug, taking him on walks, and throwing his toy for him to chase and growl at. He comforts me on my worst days and is definitely there on my best days. Who could live without that?

Anna Elder And Everything Nice Glass and Sable kitchenaid mixer baking cupcakes tool

Tool // KitchenAid Mixer
The obvious answer here was my computer since it is where I sit and blog and design from everyday, but it was too obvious. I love to bake. Cooking is definitely a relaxing hobby for me and on those days when my neck hurts and my eyes feel like they're going to pop I love to stand over the mixer and methodically mix the ingredients to make a delicious batter for cupcakes. My husband's birthday is next week (he's turning 30 guys!) so I made him marble cupcakes from scratch. That KitchenAid mixer is one of my most beloved wedding gifts. Not only did my now passed grandmother give it to me, but it is the one thing every woman covets. And rightfully so I think.

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  1. Wait Anna isn't 21???

    I am so jealous of Anna's kitchen aid mixer. And I loved this post! It was laid out so well very pleasing to the eye :)

    And I'm new to your blog. A friend of Anna's is a friend of mine :)

    1. Welcome, Hollie Ann! Thanks for stopping by! I know, I wish I had a kitchen aid mixer too. Super awesome, they are. ;)

  2. Awesome! Anna is so great..loved this peek into her life!

    One of my favorite features here on your blog, Ciara. Keep up the amazing work!

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