Weapons of Mass Creations Recap

Weapons of Mass Creation WMC 2012 Tim Lampe Glass and Sable Cleveland

Many of you already know about my boyfriend, Tim Lampe, and his amazing taste in music. Did you also know that he is a graphic designer as well? Over the weekend Tim went to Cleveland for the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. It's this wonderful event where music and design come and meet. There were inspirational speakers and all these cool people just hangin' out. Tim's stories are colorful and full of life and he came back so inspired.

Today he posted a recap of the festival with notes from his favorite speakers and all the inspiration he got out of it. There's some good stuff in there, so check it out!

Read it here.


  1. hey! i didn't know you guys lived in atlanta (somehow)...i just visited there recently and loved it! i was staying in the little five points area, and it was so awesome. i can't wait to get back! lucky you guys for living in such a fun, pretty city. :)

    1. Aww that's a shame you didn't know before you came here! Little Five Points is walking distance from our apartment. You know, we have to be close to Criminal Records. ;) Let me know when you come back!

    2. lucky you! it's such a cool neighbourhood, and such a fun city...i'll be sure to let you know when i'm in town again (which will hopefully be soon!). :)