I realize this is incredibly late, as I usually post snippets on Fridays, but I had to put it up anyways. I've been slammed, but anyways!

1. This week I was introduced to Alice Gao's blog, Lingered Upon. She is a very talented photographer and I fell in love with these photos she just shared.

2. The Friends of Type fellas are at it again, making beautiful things. This one by Erik Marinovich.

3. Aaron Draplin (the mastermind behind Field Notes and other badassery) was interviewed this week by The Great Discontent. He is so inspiring, down to earth, and downright humble despite all his popularity. Real to the core. Love this guy. It's a long article, but it's certainly worth the read. It was mentioned across the twitosphere that folks were using that awesome portrait as their desktop wallpapers.

4. Anabela of Fieldguided posted on instagram her awesome tote bag from the band Wild Nothing. I'm gushing all over it. Awesome tote for awesome music.


  1. Thanks for linking to the Aaron Draplin interview - I just read it, what a great guy! Totally inspiring.

  2. Loving Lingered Upon as well! Nice find. :) Great photography style over there.