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Glass and Sable Amy Tremper Stitch and HammerAmy Tremper is the incredibly talented designer and maker of Stitch & Hammer. Inspired from a family lineage of seamstresses, she hand crafts quality goods from a combination of new, organic, natural and upcycled materials.

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Growing up, my Mother always had an altar of sorts dedicated to family pictures, found objects, artifacts collected along the way and other various items. I began creating my own not too long ago. It’s like a scrapbook only better. Instead of hiding your most cherished things inside the pages of a bound book that only collects dust on the shelf, you leave them on display as a delightful reminder.

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The watch was given to my great-grandmother as a gift by my great-grandfather. Because they were not engaged at the time, she was not allowed to receive it. It would have been taboo back in the late 20s to accept a gift of that quality when not betrothed. When the two were finally engaged she was able to wear it. Her initials are engraved on the back plate of the watch. My grandmother gave it to me as a gift and have cherished it ever since.

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Work Trays, I can't live without them! I use them for everything, separating hardware during heavy production days and tools. I'm always on the lookout for new ones. The silver tray was a great find, practically a steal at the Alameda flea and the white ceramic plates are from a local ceramicist.

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  1. love this! all of the photos are so beautiful! :)

  2. I just bought a wallet from Stitch and Hammer. I simply love Amy's style.

  3. Love the look! Old is new again and you can't have too many tools.

  4. that is such a sweet story about the watch! it makes me want to re-examine the gifts my grandmother's given me, for their specialness... :)

  5. A huge fan of Amy. Love seeing her here!