JJs Redhots Matt Stevens Charlotte North Carolina
I just wanted to gush and share a project that has totally inspired me. Matt Stevens is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was one of the speakers at the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and Tim couldn't stop talking about Stevens' latest project: JJ's Redhots, a NC hotdog restaurant.

Stevens was hired by the owner, Jon Luther, to not only create an extensive brand identity for the restaurant, but also help design all the elements of the space, right down to the handles on the doors. The amount of work and foresight put into this project is incredible. It really shows how amazing a restaurant (or brand) can be when the company adequately budgets for good design.



Not stopping with the menu, He branded each hotdog option with a badge and turned it into a rewards program. After a guest tries every hotdog and acquires all the badges, they get a JJ's Redhots Tour of the USA t-shirt.


I could go on and on about this totally comprehensive project, but I'll let you get all the details from Stevens himself who blogged about the entire process. Do check it out and see all the amazing photos of the neon signs, wallpaper, and more. And while you're at it, grab some hotdogs & cheap beer and celebrate the 4th!

photos by matt stevens


  1. that.sounds.AMAZING. ohhhhman. why am i not in north carolina right now?!

    p.s. happy independence day! :)

    1. you too! Hope yours was a blast! ;)

  2. This rocks! And the design is great.