Glass and Sable kindness

This weekend was a nice and relaxing one. But it was hard to drag my thoughts away from the sad event that happened late last week. Everywhere we went, the news was on showing mugshots and interviewing victims. My heart goes out to them. It's sometimes easy to forget how violent this crazy world can be when you're not surrounded by it.

It's also easy to forget how far kindness can really go. I spent a lot of today thinking about how hard it is to be kind to people you know - especially when you're around them all the time. How sad is it that we're probably the nicest to strangers we don't even know. I know I'm guilty of it. There is so much anger and violence in this world and a little kindness here and there might not seem to make a difference, but it really does.

I hope I come across as a nice lady on the internet - as I hope people think so in real life too! But I am a sassy lady too. And it takes me a minute, but I realize that my sassiness sometimes gets me in trouble. I take a joke too far, force too much affection, or get cranky like I'm sure most people do from time to time. And sure, it's normal and everyone has their moments, but its better to conciously be nicer to others than to apologize later. It is also easy to let yourself get cynical and assume everyone around you is happy and not take into consideration what they are going through. Trust me, I'm just as guilty.

To say that kindness can make the world a better place may seem like an over-optimistic view, but I think to an extent, it's true. Remember that nice lady on the street who complimented you and made your week? She didn't have to do that. And neither did that server have to let you have that free drink with your meal. Appreciating the beauty in the world and in the people around you can hopefully help us protect ourselves and others from hurting each other.

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  1. i completely agree! it's hard to think outside the box, as it were, when it comes to your own personality...but it can be done, and you can change into a person who finds the good in everyone, and gives a compliment whenever she's able to.

    i worked at a bank as a teller, and let me tell you, that's the quickest way of getting to know how much people react to a little kindness...even if it's just a quick note about their outfit! i try to tell my friends how much they mean to me as often as i can, though i'm sure i could definitely tell them more than i already do!

    i feel like the only way to fight the type of awful happenings we've been seeing lately is to begin with love and respect for all people, and work up from there. i'm in if you're in! :)

    ps. not sure if you've heard, but one of the women killed at the movie screening was a toronto woman who had - a month prior - escaped being shot at a downtown mall here. so, so sad.

  2. Funny...I was just thinking about this today too. Sometimes people surprise the lady who let me ahead of her in line at Target when my two year old was on the verge of a meltdown. Made my day.