Video: LAURA

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If you’re not aboard the Bat For Lashes bandwagon, you better get on it as soon as possible. For those that were keeping track, it’s been a few years since Natasha Khan released “Two Suns”, an excellent album showcasing her unique voice. She’s back with a new album The Haunted Man, and released the first single. The single is the haunting track “Laura” and the video is showcased above. I’ve already listened to the track more than a few times in a row, and it’s just completely mesmerizing. It’s our first taste of the new album, a little more low-key, but keeps the focus on Khan’s distinct vocal qualities. Take a listen and seek out “Two Suns” if you’re not familiar with her work.

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  1. 'two suns' is good, but i quite like her 'fur and gold' album too! i'd just started thinking about when a new bat for lashes album would be coming out...but it was while i was doing dishes, so that thought didn't have time to be googled. hooray for posting the video of her new song - it seems like she's stripped down to basics for this one... :)