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Tim Lampe is a designer and explorer in Atlanta. His work can be found and and he occasionally writes at I’m A Bear! Etc. He is also Glass and Sable’s Chief Counselor of Sexy but that’s title only, no raise, he is assured.

We’re knee deep in Sexy week, and as a contributor to Glass & Sable this week, I’m taking it very seriously. The next segment is your dish on this summer’s hot cast. They’re so hot right now they’re literally on fire. It’s broken down into 5 guys and 5 ladies that you may or may not be familiar with, but this isn’t a focus on looks. All these folks have some real talent that’s not to be overlooked. Here we go:

Dee Dee Dum Dum Girls

It’s a no brainer, but the brains behind Dum Dum Girls is the first on my list. Last year she released her first full-band record “Only In Dreams” and is about to release a follow-up EP titled “End of Daze”. She’s also smitten with husband Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles. Make sure to bring extra ice to your Dum Dum Girls cocktail party because it’s going to be hot out there.

Annie Clark St. Vincent

Not content with just having released Strange Mercy last year, she’s following it up with her long-awaited collaboration with David Byrne, silver-fox of Talking Heads fame. Her guitar work is on fire, she’s crowd surfing at her own shows. Annie Clark is so hot this summer you’re probably going to have to wear shades while listening to St. Vincent.

Jen Wasner Wye Oak Flock of Dimes

Jenn has been cracking out albums as part of Wye Oak but her focus this year has switched to a new side projet called Flock of Dimes. A little more electronic, a little more dancing, and a lot more fun. Her and Andy Stack seem to have found a way to expand Wye Oak’s sound on an new single for Adult Swim’s Summer Singles. Slap on some sunscreen and cue up some jams from Jenn Wasner.

Sharon Van Etten

Not the most summer-like music, but regardless Sharon Van Etten is having one hell of a summer promoting her most recent release. She’ll be taking her emotional baggage on the road with the likes of Damien Jurado and Crooked Fingers. Grab a slush puppy and crank up some Sharon Van Etten.

Victoria Legrand

Beach House have found a way to make a record that is even better than 2009’s “Teen Dream”. Victoria Legrand is taking her band on the road all year long around this record, and brings a breath of fresh air on tour with her. No ceiling fans needed, Beach House shows are plenty cool this summer thanks to Victoria Legrand.

George Lewis Jr. Twin Shadow

Hot off the release of “Confess”, Mr. Lewis is making plenty of pitstops this summer as the frontman of Twin Shadow. Whether he’s riding a motorcycle in his scripted miniseries of videos or riding a motorcycle into your town, you shouldn’t miss him. Pro Tip: Make sure to wear a helmet when riding on George’s motorcycle of 80’s pop this summer.

Jack Tatum Wild Nothing

Cooler than ice, Jack Tatum is releasing his second album as Wild Nothing this year. How do you follow-up one of the chillest albums in recent years? You add more layers to the mix without compromising your sound, and that’s exactly what Jack Tatum has done on this new record “Nocture”. This summer is all about Wild Nothing but Jack Tatum would like you to know his album does not come with a free surfboard, so you’ll have to buy your own.

Scott Hansen Tycho

Scott Hansen has the distinction of being the only professional graphic designer and musician on this list. While legions of pixel pushers (especially this one) have followed him for years as ISO50, he’s spread his bleepy-bloopy wings as Tycho in recent years. Charge up your Game Boy Pockets, because you’re going to need all the battery you can get thanks to Scott Hansen this summer.

Josh Tillman Fleet Foxes Father John Misty

Josh Tillman left the Fleet Foxes, which made a lot people sad. It was a short lived sadness as he released a triumphant album as Father John Misty, an alter-ego that seemingly fits in and makes fun of the new-wave-folk movement he’s part of. It’s hot out there this summer for beards, but the forecast is looking super classy thanks to Father John Misty.

Jack White

You might wonder why he’s on this list, but this year proves there’s really nothing Jack White can’t do. He runs Third Man Studios where he has hailed the triple-decker record, liquid 7-inch and singles with Beck and Insane Clown Posse in the first half of the year. The most important piece of his puzzle for this year was his first solo release, and it shows no signs of letdown from Jack or any of his Third Man friends. Are funky hats in this season? Just ask Mr. White because I really honestly don’t know, but he’s clearly pulling it off.

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  1. this is an amazing list!! some of the artists i know, some i don't; so now it's time to build a playlist, methinks... a SEXY playlist...heh. :)

    1. the sexy playlist is coming up next!!! stay tuned!

    2. excitement!! :D it's gonna be so awesome, i can already tell.