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B is for BOLD

What really sparked this thought for me was this post by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling. While she was asking a simple question about wearing lipstick, reading through the comments made me reflect on some of my own inhibitions. Throughout this post, she talks about how she loves that others can wear bright bold lipstick colors, but she feels a little shy when wearing it herself. Comments upon comments revealed that a lot of ladies out there do the very same thing. They put it on, like how it looks, but then take it off before leaving the house. Bizarre, but can any of you relate? I know I can.

While this seemingly inconsequential debate over wearing lipstick can continue to go on, I was most drawn to the fact that what many of us were afraid to do in this situation is to be bold. If you like your bright lipstick, take it outdoors. If you're almost 6 foot tall like myself but have a penchant for high heels, run out of the house and lock your doors with them on and drive to work before you can change your mind about wearing them. What people don't realize is how much better you might feel for taking these bold steps! I know these are pretty minute examples, but this summer, working my first professional gig, I came to realize how the height of my shoe or the color of my lips would increase my happiness exponentially (along with a short line at Starbucks and some Beach Boys on my Pandora station). All these little bold moves can really start to add up to make you feel like a more you you on a daily basis.

Appart from dressing, once you get a handle of taking these small bold moves you start to get used to going after what makes you happy. You start to figure out you. Once these small steps add up, who knows what you'll be bold enough to go after! Will you write up the CEO of a company you really want to work for? Will you open your own Etsy shop and start a business that you're passionate about? Will you enter that competition, or try out for a new venture? In life, you often don't get what you don't either go after or ask for. Being bold about going after what you want and what truly makes you happy is where its at.

So I conclude this with a challenge. I challenge you to do one thing this week that kind of scares you, but is something that you'd always wanted to do. Be bold, and see how it makes you feel after. Are there any stories you have about being bold and how they made you feel later on? We'd love to hear them! Also, I hope you do come back and tell us if you completed the challenge and how it went!

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