Living Walls Martin Luther King Jr. street art Sten and Lexby Stan and Lex (not finished)

This past week was the 3rd annual Living Walls Conference. It's an amazing project that address the topic of urbanism and street art in Atlanta, giving a real place for artists to change this city into a beautiful landscape of art and dialogue.

Yesterday Tim and I drove around to many sites looking at some of the pieces that have been put up recently. We are so excited to see the creativity in this city and the changes that have been made to promote street art. Now it seems like every turn we make, there is a gorgeous mural.

Living Walls
by Martina Merlini

instax living walls conference 2012
top by Neuzz, middle by Sheryo, bottom by collective artists.

The awesome thing about the last one is that it is a house scheduled to be demolished this week. "Try To Remember This" makes a great statement on the temporarily tangible things in our lives and the power of photography to preserve them.

Living Walls Sarah Emerson
by Sarah Emerson

Living Walls
by unknown

Living Walls
by Sheryo

This video has a lot of extra glances at walls we didn't get a chance to visit or snap pictures of.

pictures by me except for instax of me which was taken by tim

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  1. i love love LOVE atlanta...what a great concept!! gah. and that 'try to remember this' piece is just amazing... :)