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C is for COPY

I believe that Jessica Hische, letterer extraordinaire, said it best in this article. While I don't condone plagiarism, there is definitely something to learning through the art of copy. When you're first out learning a new skill, one of the best ways to get better at it is to copy what the masters of the subject have done before, and learning through that practice.

I think this is a novel idea that I didn't pay attention to as much as I should have as a younger designer. I worried too much about creating original work, and I was suffering because I hadn't learned the basics behind what I was creating. It's going to stay short and sweet this week, but please, get out there, PRACTICE, and please, copy your heart out. As long as you source, and identify your work as practice, all should be good and you'll be much better off for it.

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  1. hey ciara and kelsey! i LOVE what you guys are doing here! and i especially had to comment because i love your note about COPYING FOR PRACTICE! i keep feeling bad that i'm not creating original work all the time, but i LOVE getting inspired by others' work and copying it (in my own sketchbook) just for practice! so, appreciate the affirmation here of what i'm doing since i'm just starting out and teaching myself!

  2. Hi Torrie! I know we've been talking through email, but thanks again for all your continued support and enthusiasm for the craft! Readers like you are what keeps us motivated to keep creating content like this, so it's much appreciated :)