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1. These gorgeous images on Folkloric.

2. Love this poster work by dutch designer, Mark Niemeijer. I pretty much love all things woven - especially if it is type.

3. I also love neon light work. Wish I knew who made it. Even the internet seems to not know. :(

4. Recently discovered Pour Porter and have been drooling over all the amazing things they carry in their online shop. Those folks sure know how to curate a terrific collection of goods. I've been really drawn to bucket bags lately, so naturally this black leather one caught my eye.

Today marks the end of my second week since school started. I forgot what it feels like to be mentally exhausted. I'm not at all acclimated to school yet, so please bear with me as I get a better handle on how to arrange my time so that I can still blog too. I don't think I'll be able to post as much as I did before, but I don't plan to let this baby run dry. I actually have a new column coming up soon, so stay tuned! If you follow me on instagram, you already got a little hint!

I'll be putting up September's calendar some time this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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  1. i love that neon sign too! i also tried to track it down the blog hole...though i can't remember if i did indeed find out where it came from. hmm. i'll be on the lookout, either way, because it is stupendously awesome. :)

    also, congrats on a successful 2nd week! i'd high-five you through the computer, but i'm fairly certain it wouldn't work properly. (seriously, THAT would be an awesome technology...that could really only be used for good! ah, the thoughts of the 1am brain...)