New Column: LIFE & LETTERS NO.1

A - is for Awe

Hi friends! Today is an exciting day for me, as I am starting a new collaboration with Kelsey Cronkhite of Pinegate Road. This new column, Life & Letters, will cover topics for creatives and bloggers going through the alphabet one letter at a time. I hope you like this new column and get inspired! We'll be posting on each other's blogs, so make sure to check out both of ours to see all of Life & Letters! Now take it away, Kelsey!

A is for AWE

Awe is one of my most favorite moods. I feel that as a designer it is so very important to experience and be able to translate awe into your work. Most of the times, it's almost forcing yourself to be in awe of the everyday items that you come in contact with. Recently I was working on a project in which I made fruit 'confetti.' I became immersed in this world of fruit, and found myself in awe over the colors, the textures, the ways in which I could slice and manipulate the fruit to create something recognizable yet new in its manipulation. I ended up loving what happened with this project, just because I ran with the feeling of awe that this subject matter gave me.

So, for today, I challenge you to get out there and become in awe of whats around you. You just never know what you might find. One of my favorite tricks—if you're stuck near a computer for the day—is to go on google earth vacations. I often times become so in awe with exploring tropical island paths in Hawaii or searching for polar bears in the Arctic (yeah, seriously — let me know if you find one!) It's all about experiencing life with an open mind and a shifted perspective that can put you smack-dab in the right place to experience awe. You never know where it might lead.

Be sure to stop over at my blog to see what Life Letter Ciara talked about and illustrated today! Just follow the link on the image below!


Lettering by Kelsey, photo found here. Download Kelsey's letter here.

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