Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures lydaux coolitagain ana deriggi noahabe

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures

Happy Friday! This is the start of a new column for Glass & Sable I'm doing called Snapshots. This column will feature a weekly breakdown of 8 memorable images grabbed from Instagram users for the week. You may be familiar with Instagram, the mobile-only photo sharing experience where you can add filters to your photos and embrace community. It's surely one of my favorite things, and hopefully you've had a chance to discover it too. This first week is a hodge podge of ideas, but they revolve around the idea of "big views". In the following weeks you'll see me dive into more specific topics, but let's get started. Each photo should be tagged with the person who took the picture.

Top Left, taken by @lydaux
One of my favorite captures this week , but this shot is simply magnificent. The colors and the contrast create a dreamy scene.

Top Right, taken by @coolitagain
Their feed is full of photos from a cross-country road-trip that you can't help but be jealous of. This shot is full of warm landscapes.

Bottom Left, taken by @anaderiggi
An incredible view over a body of water set to warmer tones

Bottom Right, taken by @noahabe
There's little that's more beautiful than a capture of a water splash.

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures elixir818 elizabeth_wisdom

Left taken by @elixir818
Sang's photos are universally among my favorite on Instagram, but the peak of sunshine that rains down on this makes for a perfect shot. His edits are second to none.

Right taken by @elizabeth_wisdom
You'll find hundreds of Golden Gate Bridge shots on Instagram, whether it's foggy bridge shots or far-away shots, but this one is among my favorites. The composition of this shot is fantastic too.

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures nicole hunziker mike stinson

Left taken by @nicolehunziker
Nicole's landscapes seem almost unreal but maybe it's because we're not as lucky as her to be experiencing them. As such, we get to live through her captures. This one features a fantastic reflection of the mountains and sky.

Right taken by @mikestinson
Mike attached this image with the comments of a place of tranquility and I couldn't agree more. The asymmetrical composition and blissful colors allow the viewer to relax just by looking at this photo.

That's it for this week! See you next week with another batch of photos. Want to see your photos featured here next week or the upcoming weeks? I have a very personal tag I use called #instatreasures and invite you to tag your photos there as well! Make sure to follow Ciara and I on instagram too! (@timlampe & @ciarasames)

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures


  1. I love everything about this post. The pictures, layout, design, everything.

    1. I'm so glad you like it, Anna! Really excited about what Tim has planned for this!

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! The waves by Noah are my favourite in this set