the delegate's daughter.


Aron Wiesenfeld really strums a chord with me. There is a feeling I can't quite explain fully that I get when I look at his very startling images. I don't consider them startling because the scene is dangerous or obscene, but rather unsettling due to my incomplete understanding. I love Wiesenfeld's work for that reason alone. I chose these three pieces on purpose because they were similiar in the sense that they all had young women, and each of them are carrying things - and specifically, bags. In the bottom image you can see that the girl seems to be carrying a bag with a carton of eggs, but the other girls, it is not given to us so obviously. These images entice viewers and make them question the whereabouts of these young girls and what are they taking with them? When I asked Wiesenfeld about his work, he stated, "I tend to be drawn to off-balance situations in which the protagonist is neither here nor there, but in between, like a person in the process of a decision." Gosh I love that. You can really see that influence in the top left and bottom image. He also said that he tries to project the images with an openness that allows for the viewer to impart their own feelings and inferences on his work.

I really love the complex mystery in these somewhat simple sceneries. Agree?


  1. the one girl has more than a bag. It looks as if she has the carcass of a rabbit that we can assume she acquired with the use of her in hand slingshot. This also created a measure of depth in the narrative.

  2. True, but the rabbit is not in the bag.

  3. Thanks for posting these. I feel like the delegate's daughter at times.