face time.


Day Nineteen:
art crush.
Did I ever tell you of my internship with Burnaway.org? Well it is an incredible Atlanta-based online magazine on contemporary art. They have this column called Art Crush and I've always loved it. Mostly, because I have art crushes too. So here's my most recent art crush: Jason Travis a.k.a. J Trav. Here's the Burnaway interview with him. So what's so rad about J Trav? He takes these really awesome dyptiches of local people and the contents of their bags. Pictured above is my friend Victor (who I call names like Victrolium, etc).

So definitely check out the Burnaway article about J Trav! And while you're at it, look at more of his series, Persona

{please note that these photos are not the only kinds of photography that jason does. check out the rest of his flickr and blog for other examples.}

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