Day Eleven:
what I did today.

woke up.
pet chloe.
took her for walk.
got ready.
drove to work.
found ipod in rental car!
ate delicious curry dish my co-worker sara made.
dropped off rental car.
got ride back to work.
waited for danny fluker to pick me up.
danny picked me up.
we went to walmart.
bought awesome goodness.
ate a philly cheesesteak with danny.
talked to naomi.
danny dropped me off at home.
took chloe outside for a walk.
cleaned up the apartment.
hung my clothes in the closet.
charged my new ipod!
talked to mom.
claire came over.
we watched "love & distrust".
it was horrible. we cringed.
she left.
took chloe out again.
we went to bed & snuggled. :D

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