Day Ten:
iPhone on shuffle:

Radiohead, A Wolf At The Door
The Shins, When I Goose Step
Andrew Bird, On Ho!
Arcade Fire, The Woodlands National Anthem
Sufjan Stevens, Dumb I Sound
Lamb, Dra-Chel-Chah
New Jerusalem, Love In Our Hands
Teitur, Poetry & Aeroplanes
Switchfoot, The Fatal Wound
Rogue Wave, Like I Needed
Goldfrapp, Strict Machine
Joanna Newsom, You and Me, Bess
Jars Of Clay, Lesser Things
Death Cab For Cutie, I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Leeland, Lift Your Eyes
Copeland, To Be Happy Now

(funny, i don't own a nano, but you get the picture...)

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