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Day Nine:
my dearest friends.
These four girls make my life great. I've known them all for roughly two years, though Seanna and I go back to high school. These are all super special ladies and I love them deeply.

Seanna is a doll. Literally. Ha! She's feisty and likes a good, solid adventure. She doesn't let anyone or anything tie her down and she's a shaker. Best day: The Rocket Summer show in St. Pete & the really quick Atlanta tour. :)

Naomi is sweet and blooming into a beautiful woman, inside and out. She's fun and doesn't need a whole ton of money to have a good time. She has a remarkable voice and knows how to lead some serious worship. Best day: Our windy, getaway picnic at Red Top Mountain & our trips downtown. hehe

Stephanie is a deep and happy soul. She loves people and is going to be a great Jewish mother one day. We're going to be sitting in rocking chairs sipping wine when we get old talking about the crazy grandkids. Her passions keep her going. Best Day: French accent? Russian accent? Porters? All the nights we go out, really. There is always good food between us!

Wendy loves words. She loves life and the eccentricities of everything we tend to see as bland. She sees the beauty in people and cares deeply for all the ones she meets. (including me!) Best Day(s): Our first day/night in Statesboro with her brother and Mary & also when I visited Atlanta & we stayed at the Goldberg's.

People I love all the same:
{Sarah G, Elad, Danny F, Judy, Claire, Dustin, Mary, Evan, Mark, Sarah A, Sarah L... and many more!

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  1. You're right, I do like today's post :) Thank you for your kind words; I love you!