hide and seek chile.


Day Eight:
first crush.
Hahaha. This topic is hilarious to me. Where to begin? Well recalling on my memories of the journal I had when I was five, the list of boys changed day to day. Though there was only one consistency: Nate Silva. He was a boy with Chilean heritage in my first grade class. Apparently he liked me to, but when the subject came up, he said, "When we are grown ups, I will go to Chile and if you can find me there, then we will get married." Of course our parents were friendly and to this day, on the right occasion, they still tease me about it. Sadly, Nate stopped going to my school after first grade, but he was always around somehow. When I still lived in Florida, I worked as a server at the Ruby Tuesday in the mall near my house. Well, Nate worked at the Apple Store in the same mall. So yeah, I used to run into him here & there. Though since my move to Georgia, I saw him last tow years ago. Funny, aye?

I wish I could appropriately credit Nate's photographer, but since I snatched it from his facebook profile, I can't. :(

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