bliss o bliss.


Day Seven:
when i was most satisfied.
I'd have to say that out of all my memories of great pleasure (with many to choose from) I'd have to choose the time I came to Atlanta as the time I was most satisfied. I came up here for a week to scout it out and see if I wanted to move here. It was by far one of the greatest weeks in my entire life. I was happy, I was a part of so much. There was one afternoon when I sat on the Goldberg's porch and wrote this post. I was so happy to be there. The picture above was taken the night I cooked for the Goldberg's. Not only was I cooking (which was a first) but I was with great company too.

There are other honorable mentions:
+ The day Seanna, Emily and I went and saw The Rocket Summer in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

+ Camping with my parents and our friends at Fort Desoto Park.

+ And some!

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