take a break.

I'm naturally a go getting, mover shaker, nervous nelly, busy-body, but even I need a break sometimes. And every once in a while, it's just enough to sit in the car without any music playing, drop the chair back, and just look at the sky. That's what happened yesterday. I'm always on the go, and just a moment to stop and enjoy a bright blue sky is what I need to refresh. I feel that there needs to be balance in everything. I'm a typical libra. I don't know if you have an office job, but I do, and I look at a computer screen for a good portion of my day. And in return, I try to spend that same amount of time looking at beauty, tangible, moving, breathing things (even if that's just Tim's beautiful eyes). ;) But I do find that taking little breathers is important, and it's healthy. It is a way to be able to keep on going, and to stay positive. That was exactly the case yesterday. After a super long day, I really needed to look at that big tree and just refresh after being drained at work. So stay positive and soak in your surroundings, and breathe.

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