There seems to be a nest of wasps somewhere in my office. We used to find one in a blue moon, but I guess that blue moon was all it took. Now where is always a wasp flying around, looking out of the window, trying to go free.

This past weekend was my long weekend free from everything. Getting away, stretching my legs, breathing fresh air.

Last week one of my friends died. His name was Jake Fowler and he was 22. He had been married for just under a year and had just moved into a house with his beautiful wife. He was brilliant, half way done with med school, understanding, and joyful. Jake drowned at a lake somewhere in Florida. The world is missing out on a great soul. I was wrecked last week. I kept holding onto Tim, unable to fathom losing him. Please keep Jake's family in your thoughts.

Tim and I spent the 4th of July at a beautiful, private spot on Allatoona Lake, north of the city. We hiked for about 15 minutes through the woods, laid down our towels and jumped into that lake. I had forgotten how great it feels to go swimming.

On a good note, I'm seeing Animal Collective tomorrow. :D

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