weekend: animal collective.


A bunch of us saw Animal Collective on Friday night. So exciting! It was even the birthday of one of my friends, Jessie, so it was even more enjoyable. The concert was nice, though most of the audience seemed to be MGMT fans - or people willing to go half naked to a show in neon body paint while rolling on molly. It was at a mega amphitheater, which resulted in a $8 blue moon. ugh. But we all enjoyed ourselves.

Come Saturday, we watched Groundhog's Day. Yay! Gotta love them 80's movies. And the rest of the weekend was pretty relaxful. Tim framed some of his posters from Methane Studios and they look amazing. I also am participating in The Concrete Catwalk's scarf swap so I mailed my vintage scarf out to Rachel Smith of The Classy Turtle. Yay! Can't wait to get mine! Can't handle the suspense. I'll let you know how it goes!

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