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I've been soaking in all the home decorating inspiration I can. I even went to Barnes N'Nobles last night to check out Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick's new book, Decorate. So meanwhile, in all the hype of season 2 of Secrets From A Stylist, I realized that Joy had her living room redone by the host of the show, Emily Henderson. Joy then redid her bedroom, which also looks amazing! Don't you love that wallpaper? Joy designed it herself, which makes it all the sweeter for her to have it in her own home. I'm just loving so much about her place: the colors, the arrangement of frames, the chevrons in her bedroom and those amazing Dwell Studio sheets. (I'm pretty obsessed with those sheets right now.) I love the modern couch and mid century coffee table too. Oh goodness, I could keep going on and on.

I've been thinking about the colors I want to use in the new apartment. Most of the furniture is going to be a medium wood color and I think I'm going to accent in reddish coral, yellow and maybe a cool blue. Because of course I'm already using white, black and gray. You should know that about me already...well I hope so.

The yellow dresser is a piece I came across on Etsy. It's not something I plan on purchasing, but I love the horizontal dresser look. My dresser is a vertical stack, but these horizontal ones are warming up to me. Now the media console is from Urban Outfitters. I am completely drooling and lusting over this piece. It is so beautiful! And it has the same legs that I want to put on my sofa. drool drool drool. I even love the little puggy puppy figurine on top.

I'm loving all the inspiration around me. I try and take note of color schemes that work and think of what I like best in interior design. And not all my inspiration is coming from homes either, but just everything around me.

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