movie recap: rubber.


Tim told me about this horror film parody (directed by Quentin Dupieux) a little while ago. He said it was supposed to be interesting and thought provoking. So yeah, of course I want to see it! But wait, what is it about?

Rubber is the story of a tire that rolls to life, killing animals and people with its "mind". I'm sure you're asking me how long this movie is. As in, "How long do I have to sit here and watch this tire roll?!" Trust me, I was asking Tim the very same thing.

Besides being shockingly gruesome of head explosions, the film did have some ponderous points. We are asked if a movie continues even after no one is watching. Does the existence of a serial killing tire end as soon as the credits roll, or does it continue regardless of our attention?

If you don't like experimental and off-beat films, skip Rubber. But if you like beautifully shot mind bending films, you'll love this.

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