tim tuesdays: the only way is up.


My name is Tim Lampe and I write for I'm A Bear! Etc. and I collect 3D glasses and absorb lots of music. Now that you know everything about me, here's a mix I put together just for you.

The Only Way Is Up is a way to celebrate summer. It's July and summer has been settled in for some time, but there's time to still simmer and relax with some essential summer tracks. This mix is the perfect blend of pop music, folk with a little psychedelia and afro pop. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Givers- Up Up Up
2. Deerhunter- Agoraphobia
3. Woods- Be All Be Easy
4. Beirut- Santa Fe
5. Foster the People- Pumped Up Kicks

Here's how you get it:
1. Open iTunes
2. Create playlist (+) with name "The Only Way is Up"
3. Download the playlist here and when it is downloaded, drag and drop folder into iTunes playlist!
4. Enjoy!

If you like this mix (of course you did!), then tune in next week as I explore some deeper cuts that you may enjoy. I'll be in Wisconsin this week so I'll probably be influenced by some beard infused folk rock. Or Hall and Oates. There's no correlation between those two but I'll see you next week!

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