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Hi friends! I am very excited to introduce to you a new feature on Glass and Sable called Home // Closet // Tool. This is a new column, possibly weekly (but no promises) that will highlight talented creatives and the items they surround themselves with from their home, closet, and tools. And if I can meet with the person, I'll be taking the photos myself. I hope you enjoy!

My name is Alana. I am an enthusiast, a farer of ways, and I am always eating. I currently design, assemble, and cook things at Matchstic in Atlanta, Georgia.

I chose my dubbies for my closet piece since it was a purchase I never thought twice about. A few months back, I saw The Crocodiles at The EARL here in Atlanta and one of the band’s ladies was donning these amazing shoes. I returned home, made an offer to an eBay seller, and these Italian beauts arrived on my doorstep. As a daily commuter, I have noticed a considerable difference between stepping on leather soles and those made of pressed paper. If you’d like to know the specifics, they are J.Crew Lottie Monk Strap shoes.

The item that represents my home is Ferran Adria’s “The Family Meal” and my tool of choice is a Zwiling Cronidur 8 incher chef’s knife. I am of a family of omnivores that considers dinner as the most important household occasion. My significant other is a chef whose knife is second only to me. At the moment, you can find a half-gallon of homemade beef stock in my fridge. It is obvious that food is a huge deal in my home, but what interests me most about cooking is its equivalence to the design process. Both consider time management, the use of tools, trial-and-error, and creativity. I can best explain my relationship to cooking and design through Ben Chestnut’s words, “Do what you love, and love what you do.” Simply put, I cook at home, and I design at work.

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