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1. I downloaded The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides last night on my Kindle. I've heard a lot of great things about this book, so I'm excited to start reading.

2. Over the weekend I'm planning a visit to this cute bakery, Cakes and Ale. My interest lies mainly to get my hands on a French macaroon. They are so hard to find in Atlanta... or at least I've had some trouble. yeesh.

3. The ladies at Our Paper Shop have done it again! A gorgeous February desktop wallpaper. I usually don't change mine, but this one really pulled on my heart strings. They have two to choose from. Download from here and here.

4. I just bought some earrings from Dinosaur Toes and then found this pretty necklace. Now I'm a serious fan. I love the colors.

5. Bri posted a little DIY on "dipping" cool household objects. I might have to do this. Spray paint is always an easy solution to quick spice ups and fixer uppers.

6. A really neat video montage of all the overhead shots from Wes Anderson films. LOVE IT.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I think I'm going to see The Descendants tonight, which is part two of Tim & I's date night. yay!


  1. The cakes and ale bakery is adorable! You should try macaroons while you're there :)

  2. Their restaurant is amazing, too. And they've got the best bartender and specialty drinks in town!