Elizabeth Stevens Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business Glass and Sable Home Closet ToolElizabeth Stevens Morris is an author the blog Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business with her friend, Jessica Lord. She's studied architecture, urban design, and historic preservation, and she works in architecture. Elizabeth lives with her husband in a little house in Kirkwood, Atlanta, where she bakes, eats, and frequently redecorates said house.

Elizabeth Stevens Morris Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business petticoat table bar liquor Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool

Home // Petticoat Bar
This is going to frame me as a lush, but I love the bar in our house. My grandpa knew I loved this petticoat table, and he gave it to me only about a year before he died. The table came from my grandmother's family in Mississippi. She loved old furniture, and my grandpa always cheerfully griped that he spent half his life repairing old furniture for her. I love antiques, too, and I'm grateful my grandmother had her furniture fetish.

I also love the bar because we and our guests enjoy it so much. I make tonic syrup for G&T's, which has ruined me and my friends on store-bought tonic forever. So friends come over here and expect a good drink.

Elizabeth Stevens Morris Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business pannier bike saddlebag Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool

Closet // Bike Pannier
I made this pannier to fit my old MacBook and hang on the rear rack of my bike. I'm not an amazing seamstress, and it might have made more sense to just buy a saddlebag, but it's nice to have a custom-made utility piece like this. It looks good on my bike, and I use it as a shoulder bag, too.

Elizabeth Stevens Morris Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business pans pots skillets kitchen Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool

Tool // Cast Iron Cookware
I cook and bake a lot. My favorite tools are heavy copper and cast-iron pots and pans. A few of the cast-iron pieces, like the giant Dutch oven and the 12" skillet, were given to me by grandparents on either side of my family. They're great pans, they're beautiful to look at, and someday maybe I'll pass them down, too.

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  1. Lovely! I love Elizabeth's brooks bro seat. I have it in black.