On The Look Out

Glass and Sable tote handbag Proud Mary polka dot fabric patternGlass and Sable tote handbag Proud Mary polka dot fabric pattern

So I'm looking for a tote bag these days. It's concert season and it's also almost summer - which means I'm going to be outdoors walking and standing a lot more than I did in the winter. That also means I need something a little bit different and possibly BRIGHT! to add to my wardrobe. My dream tote bag is actually #4, but sadly, I just can't spend that much, realistically. So the other top contesters are #2 and #8. I'm really looking for a rounded bottom tote with leather handles for durability. Which one do you like?

As a side note, the more I blog these little roundups of things that have been on my mind, the more I realize that I shop in a compartmentalized way. Let me explain that. I often see other bloggers doing roundups based on an idea or a mood. I love that! But honestly, I hunt the internet for certain things - not by color, but by specifically. Hense the reason I am posting all on tote bags with leather handles. And it also reflects the way I use Pinterest. One week it is ceramic pots, another it is tropical plants, and this week it could be tote bags. Is anyone else out there like that? ha.

Totes: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8
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  1. I immediately gravitated towards #4, but since that's not an option I'm definitely loving #2! I'm on the nut for a tote too, so I appreciate this inspiration :)


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Karla! Totes are so fun to take around too. Farmers markets, packed lunches, picnics, everyday. I love them.

  2. ahh! those bags made me scream a little. i need!

  3. I love 2, 4 + 8 best (too) but would probably end up with 2 because I love stripes and they are so summery!