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When I moved into this apartment, I didn't really have much. I had books, clothes, and the essentials, but nothing very decorative. In the last few weeks I've been pinning pillows, throws, and decorative items to try and round the apartment out and bring some life into the place I love. It's taken a long time, but I think after this weekend, there are only a few things on my wish list left and I'm very happy with it. So this isn't the big apartment tour, just more revealing than last time, and mostly just showing what I came home with this weekend. And firstly, check out those matchbooks! 25¢ each!

vintage bottles snake plant Glass and Sablevintage bottles snake plant Glass and Sable

It took me long enough, but I put the coffee machine in the cabinet, as I don't make coffee everyday. This little vignette took its place, which is a lot more charming than a coffee maker. Notice the door to the left. It is a door I can't open - or don't have a key for. It goes to a back entrance of the apartment which leads to... nowhere? No one in the building has access to these doors. Strange.

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I have always loved pennants. There is something great about vintage sports equipment. I'm planning on pairing the pennant with the tennis rackets and starting a vintage sports wall in the bedroom. (sorry, I had to throw in a cat. Come on! Look at that adorable pose.)

foyer living room dracaena secret holiday & co Glass and Sabledracaena living room planter Glass and Sable

Here are some works in progress. My Secret Holiday & Co Affirmation Banner came in! Wooo! I am actually only hanging it by a piece of tape (sad, I know) only because I don't want to commit to a nail quite yet. I'm trying to work a deal with a friend to have a live edge table built for that tiny space. Otherwise, I might just throw up some coat hooks and a nice woven basket on the floor. Also notice, more doors. The more photos I show from the apartment, you're start to see how many doors there really are. Something in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 doors.

One of my other projects has been plant collecting. I went to a local plant nursery (which was like heaven!) and came home with that lovely dracaena and the tiny snake plant. I'm still on the hunt for a modern white planter for the dracaena. Have any suggestions?

Sometime this week I will be cloning a rubber tree from work. The process is very interesting as it involves wounding the plant's branch and then wrapping it in saran wrap until roots grow from that area. I look forward to sharing that process with you soon!

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  1. your apartment is gorgeous ciara! love the french doors and hardwood floors. i've only had places with hardwood floors til we moved to seattle and all the places have carpet - ugh! next time, i'll have to look harder i guess! ;) plants are the best - i'll have to check out the cloning DIY. love stuff like that!