Glass and Sable siesta time collections

I wanted to start talking about something that we all deal with - stress - and how to deal with it. I don't talk about this very often, but for the last six or so years I've dealt with a lot of anxiety based stomach troubles on and off, and it has become important for me to know how to handle my diet and stress. This week has been full of deadlines, so while I've been decompressing, I thought I might share some of my secrets.

I don't know about you, but I think in categories. I fixate on one category in my life (like decorating) and don't move on until that category is "complete" or another category becomes more important. That probably explains why when I shop, I choose one item and go nuts trying to find the one I like best.

In the same way, categorizing it is kind of like collecting. Collecting stray thoughts, ideas, or tangible items in a place with others of the same likeness. Is anyone else soothed by collecting?

I love collecting twines, plants, and especially vintage matchbooks. There is something exciting and fulfilling about hunting for something specific and being able to bring it home to a group you already love.

So get out there and start collecting things you love. I've seen very interesting collections like antique shaving razors, medical equipment, keys, etc. Maybe it's just me, but I always feel more relaxed after tending to my collections.

Side note: the top image is a painting by Carly Waito. That's right, I said PAINTING. You probably know her for the mineral paintings she does. Well in any regards, she should be known as the extreme collector.

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  1. I like this post. I need to collect more.

  2. I fixate on categorizing aspects of my life, too!! Good to know I'm not alone. ;) Hope you can de-stress soon lady. xx.

  3. i love carly waito's stuff! i hope she does a whole 'collection' series, since that would be awesome. :)

    i totally agree about the collections thing. i've been collecting things since i was very young (usually from garage sales), and these collections make me feel happy+inspired. (though my vintage nancy drew book collection can be a bit embarassing when people come over...)

    1. No way! Nancy Drew is totally cool. ;)

  4. This is like reading my own thoughts! I have bad stomach troubles and stress too, and I also fixate on things until I get them or decide which one I like the best. I get really stressed out about HAVING to choose my favourite of everything and can never make a decision. I've never thought about collecting as a way to calm myself, but I do however have a few collections. So interesting!